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Building the data pipeline - A Guide for Project Managers

How do you leverage engineering metrics to track business performance KPIs (do they have to be linked or can they be totally different things)? Anyone go through such an experience? What's your story there? This was the question on the discussion board within the Ryerson University - Innovation Boost Zone (IBZ). This is how I took the opportunity to answer this question: My current process around this is to use JIRA for both the development tasks (Code Assignments) as well as the user stories. I also use JIRA for testing against benchmarks for GO / NO GO decisions. For a recent task, I took a Google Form and generated User Test Cases to evaluate the experience of onboarding a new customer and walk through the key product features. This was used in facilitation of 3 x 6 person testing sessions where we presented the software, issued activation keys, and responded to real-time interactions with the trail participants. The issues from this testing session are entered into a JIRA workf