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IETech - The First 10 Years...

10 Years - Interactive Event Technologies Inc Written by: Shawn Berney Thanks to the Internet Archive "Way Back Machine", I was able to pull these old articles that I had posted on my very old weblog . The links included within the blog all work - most refer to the archive to take you to the snapshots of the website at the time. The PDF documents I have reposted for your access.  In Transition This was a transition time for me - I moved to  Toronto after completing my undergraduate degree in British Columbia at Thompson Rivers University. I was inspired to start a business by the academic interest in my undergraduate work. These are the blog postings and web pages from that period. At the end of each of these three blog postings, I've put some of my current thoughts on the topic.  I've also included some snippets of the old website for interest and color. Enjoy! Taken From: