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Building AI Muscle

Are there any tech startups which don't care about AI these days? At IETech, AI muscle is a key strategic component of Knowledge Exchange products we are working on. These days, any company of any size and maturity can easily incorporate AI into their product lineup and these companies don't even have to be traditional technology companies. This has been made possible by cloud platforms such as AWS, AZURE, and the like. About 9 months ago at IETech made a strategic decision to invest and build an in-house general purpose AI muscle machine. Although AWS and AZURE do provide everything we might need, it is impractical and expensive to train custom AI models. When training custom models one has to invest computing resources in the design of the AI architecture which includes the neural network layout and all the hyper-parameters. In traditional software engineering you have the luxury to design the architecture upfront, or be able to work on parts of the architecture in isolatio